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Parking Lot Asphalt Crack Inspection

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Is Your Parking Lot Cracked?

If you are a brick and mortar business owner you have probably learned by now that one thing you cannot neglect is your parking lot.   Your parking lot is always out in the elements, and subject to many harsh conditions brought on by vehicles and foot traffic.   Keeping your parking lot properly maintained is key to a long lasting parking lot with a lowered amount of costly repairs.  We reached out to Mr. Sinclair from Parking Lot Striping Austin to get more insight on how to best maintain a parking lot and fix any small cracks that may occur.

Crack in Parking LotCracks in a parking lot are typically signs of neglect due to not keeping up with regular maintenance.  If you have an asphalt parking lot it is recommended that you seal coat the asphalt every 2-3 years.  Think of this process just like staining or sealing your fence, it is necessary for the longevity of the investment.   Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot will make your lot look new again, and will keep your parking area healthy and strong.  The downside is you will need to restripe the lot after the seal coat is put on because it will cover up the stripes.  But the upside is your lot will now be maintenance free for 2-3 more years and it will look brand new again.

Prior to adding the seal coating your parking lot will need to be cleaned and have as much of the dirt and grime removed as possible.   Oil stains and other vehicle fluid leaks will need to be cleaned up as thoroughly as possible to aid in the best adhesion possible for the seal coating.  Blowing and sweeping the lot to remove the loose dirt is required as well.

Inspecting the parking lot is going to be pretty obvious for most people.  If you notice larger sized cracks in the parking lot then there is an issue and the lot will need to be repaired.   If you actually have pot holes or gouge marks in the lot then you should repair those immediately as well.   It is advised to hire a professional asphalt parking lot contractor to take care of all the repair needs for your parking lot.  Not only will the professional have the knowledge of how to fix the parking area, but they will also have the proper tools and equipment.  As with any job, having the proper tools is half the battle.

If your parking lot is concrete instead of asphalt, you will also need to look for cracks or damaged areas in the concrete.   The maintenance process is quite a bit different from that of an asphalt drive, so contacting your parking lot professional is advised if you notice any issues with your concrete parking lot.

Here is a quick video that talks about parking lot repair.  I hope that you find it helpful and informative.


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