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Dealing with Poor Drainage and Soggy Areas in the Yard

Standing Water

There is no justification for uprooting the plants or converting your yard into a concrete fort just to get rid of the soggy areas in the yard. Plants are part and parcel of our lives, so let’s not discourage these living creatures by following the inexperienced DIY “self-acclaimed” geeks. Yes! You’re worried more about your muddy feet in the poorly drained garden but let’s not punish the garden for the crime that is caused by something else.

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Seek Help from Nature

Poor drainage in the garden is not altogether but why not find the spark in the wet mud? Let me explain! Have you ever visited the Mississippi Delta during the spring? If not then don’t forget to find time this year. You’ll find one the rarest flower in the world, the flower that features every natural color combination. Yes, you read it alright!  Louisiana Irises is the secret behind the finest natural spectacle in the boggy lowlands. Try growing these marvelous flowers and the dampness of your yard will do the rest to feed these plants.
It is a good move to take advantage of the wet soggy areas in the garden rather than hating the conditions. Introducing the plants which require excessive moisture is the best solution to the problem.

Dry Stream Bed

If the poor drainage begins to threaten then a dry stream bed turns out to be the best solution but don’t forget that it requires intensive labor. I am sure that you are tough and determined enough to take on the challenge. Take it as an adventure and spend a weekend with your kids redirecting the moisture. It’s a two-in-one activity because excavating the soil and installation of the pipes will teach your kids the important teamwork lesson. Or try inviting your friends to a weekend adventure and let the digging tools welcome them. Anyways, it is going to be a rare fun-event! But this solution pays off only if the yard is not too big.

If you are not proactive, drainage issue spread beyond limits and cause leaks in the basement. Don’t let it happen though! You can’t be too lazy to ignore the danger. In this case, gutter extensions may appear as the best solution but the truth is that they are not a reliable permanent solution. Moreover, you’ll never like the sight of extension gutters in your house. Underground pipe is a better, clean and efficient solution with long-term results.

Well, the obvious, more traditional yet reliable solution is reshaping the landscape. It could cost you a few hundred bucks. I’ll never suggest you to inviting friends to take on this adventure. You need to hire a professional contractor and make sure that he understands the dynamics of the area you live in. Thinking of saving few-100 bucks could cost you a couple of grand in the near future.

At least, poor drainage will let you think about giving your yard a whole new look! It is the perfect chance to get things right and try something entirely new.

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